A well-executed plan will help.

Sri Lanka had a closed socialist economy from 1970 to 1977, where food was in short supply, and other necessities like clothing, essential and non-essential items were state controlled. Due to the closed economy openings for industries and business activities were throttled, hence there was a scarcity of jobs in the country. This led to the educated youth revolting against the government at the time.

With the change in government in 1977, the new government delivered on their promise to open out the economy, and allow for the free flow of goods and services. Industries opened, businesses started and with the literate population we had the younger generation found ample opportunities to get gainful employment.

Sri Lanka lacked an important fundamental need to join the global community, we could not speak the language the world community was comfortable in, the English language. A well executed plan to keep the majority under subjugation and to ensure the political ambitions of a few who were the English educated genteel.

With new jobs opening up in the private sector the demand for the English language rose, but good vacancies could not be filled due to the dearth of English educated candidates. The top jobs and the best jobs went a begging, and were filled by a few.

They systematically dismantled the well administered English language teaching systems in schools and left the rural children devoid of god English language skills, which today has put them at a handicap when seeking Sri Lankan jobs especially in the well paid private sector.

Today the lack of English skills has left the children of the rural class far behind, and they are only able to secure jobs as labourers and housemaids in the lucrative jobs markets of the oil rich middle-eastern countries.

Rakiyawa the progressive and forward thinking recruitment website having identified this very dire situation helps prospective candidates to improve their English skills and then seek jobs in Sri Lanka. With good English language skills you would be in a better position to succeed in top jobs. Even the simple issue of a cv is written and presented in English, when applying for a top job.

We at rakiyawa have some great new job vacancies and with sufficient English language skills you could secure even a top job Sri Lanka.


Digital world in this centuray.


The process of marketing which is popularly defined as “Satisfying customer needs profitably” has today transformed into a multi-trillion dollar industry spanning all corners of our world. A new dimension has been added into the industry with the limitless opportunities available to take your wares to the customer with the advent of online marketing.

With Google, Bing and Yahoo providing limitless provision to their search engines free of charge, customers anywhere in the world with access to the internet are able to choose the best products at competitive prices.

The beginning of the Digital marketing era has taken the world by storm and suddenly the world has become a very small marketplace. This is one part of the oft used word, Globalization where unlike a few decades ago consumers have access to the very best products and services at their finger tips.

A few words punched into your computer can open up a whole lot of opportunities, and with most governments now opening up their economies with reality setting in, the closed and strict socialist economic policies practiced before have been left by the wayside.

Every Digital Marketing agency worth it’s salt has been quick to identify the business opportunities blatantly visible to take a bite from it.

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We strive to retain the best search engine ranking for our clientele, and thus provide them the platform they deserve to bring their products and services to the public domain successfully.

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Our search engine marketing techniques have brought nothing but success to many. Every successful web marketing agency has to prove their mettle by innovating out of the box search marketing strategies to give their clients what they desire most, and that is success.           

A master of ceremonies

Every event or function needs a “Master of Ceremonies” who would conduct the event with precision timing, bringing all those who are involved in the event together, working closely with each other to make the event a success. Coordination between and among everybody is crucial and working on the same wavelength would add to the smooth passage of the event.

To a certain extent Function Junction would be the “Master of Ceremonies”, because we provide the common platform for all those who work towards the common goal in achieving success, at the end of the day. We have the Members, the Service Providers and Event Organizers in three categories, and they would form the backbone of any event or function.

The Members are those planning an event or function, they would have free access to the Function Junction platform and select the Service Providers that they would like to carry the event forward. All dealings, negotiations, pricing, supplies will be conducted with the two on a one to one basis, with the platform provider Function Junction not in any way involved in the process.

Whilst the Members would have free access to the site, the Service Providers would need to register on the platform on payment of a fee. Once they have made the required payments there bona fides will be checked and if suitable will be allowed access to the platform.

The Event Organizers too would be allowed free access to the site to coordinate with the Service Providers and meet up and procure their services. All dealings would be strictly limite to the two on either side of the negotiating table with Function Junction not being involved in the intricacies.

Any Service Provider without exception can come aboard, and provide their services for both Members and Event Organizers at prices they are free to negotiate.

Some of the categories that could come aboard are Catering services, Music bands, Party lighting suppliers, Cake suppliers, Photographers and Videographers. Not limited to these Service Providers the list that could be accommodated is endless.

Function Junction would only ensure that those providing facilities are of high integrity, discharge duties reliably and maintain transparency. We would also entertain Beauticians, Dancing troops, and Decorators along with suppliers of Hiring cars.